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Curtis and Windham 
Houston, TX

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Atlanta, GA
designed by Philip Trammel Schutze

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Haverty House
Atlanta, GA
designed by Jimmy Means

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Anonymous asked:

I hope all is well Harry. I have been meaning to respectfully suggest that if you haven't discovered them yet, check out Georgia ' s great 20th century classical architects: Neel Reid, Philip Trammel Schutze, Jimmy Means, and Frank McCall. Superb practitioners. Think Swan House in Atlanta, etc. I don't think you will be disappointed buddy.

Much appreciated, friend! I just got back from a weekend in Georgia (Lake Burton) with some good friends from college, so well timed on the GA architects! I’m a PTS fan, already, and I’m sure I’ll like the others. Thanks again, and have a great one!

The Baroness Mercedes 540K. Look up the story on this one, it’s incredible. 

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Venetian Gothic 

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