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Beauty vs Bean counting… Prioritizing design over a spreadsheet.


I just finished reading Bob Lutz’s fascinating book on his years at General Motors from early 2000 to 2012. Its titled Car Guys vs. Bean counters; The battle for the Soul of American Business. His basic premise is that GM cars had lost their magic by 2000, they were ugly and their design had been hijacked by the “Bean counters”  who had demoted design to a small and insignificant role.

Instead of…

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Hallelujer! Hallelujer! 

Good design is worth more than low a bottom line. 

this is important 

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William Faulkner with Farmington Hunt Club MFH Grover van Devender 

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The Isaac Jenkins Mikell House in Charleston, South Carolina
via Architectural Digest

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mkdub91 asked:

Red or white wine? Favorite wine?

I like both a lot (I don’t get how someone couldn’t enjoy a crispy white wine on a summer afternoon). if I had to pick one, it’d probably be a bottle of Travaglini Gattinara (italian red), although I’m really into Rioja right now.

What was the last piece of Classical music you listened to?

Strauss’ Emperor Waltz

I love me some Strauss. 

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