Sneaking photos in old houses with @laurenraeeaton  (at Aiken-Rhett House)

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~   Sir Christopher Wren
UVa in 1963 
Photo by Ed Roseberry 

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Anonymous asked:

Who cares where sprezzatura originates? Overt nonchalance is douchey, period. Be. A. Real. Person. BTW, I don't think I've seen anything more iGenty than a child beginning a sentence with "there was a time when" to discuss an overgrown footnote in the pages of #menswear. You mean that time before you were born?


I can’t help but feel this comment belongs more on Harry’s page…

Still, blank rejection without analyzing the roots of an idea or the evolution of its being is a dangerous concept, no?

And the argument that one must be alive during the initial formation of an argument to refute or embrace it is a shitty one.

I hope that neither of those fallacies obscure the only cogent idea in your statement: Be a real person.

child iGent apologizes. 

I’m going back to my mom’s basement to look at architecture images and take pictures of my clothes.  

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John Staub 
Houston, TX 

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